Sunday traditions.

We all have our little rituals we keep alive in our lives. So today I’m gonna tell you about my Sunday rituals.

As every morning starts, I need a kickstart myself. I use coffee, black, no sugar. My significant other likes his with 3 tea spoons of sugar. Way too sweet for my liking. I prefer sweets on the side.

In my family/ culture it is believed no house cleaning or laundry is to be done on Sunday. I’ve sticked to this superstition as good as I can. It’s only in rare occasion I will put in a load of washing so it’s dry and clean on Monday ready to iron. My mum thought me that because we don’t boil our closes anymore, ironing them will ensure they’re are clean and germ free. And also I like how they feel. Since I never have used tumble dryer in my life, I’m happy with ironing clothes.

So back to my Sunday rituals.

I really don’t deserve much, little bit of networking, little bit of painting with my two year old sometimes. It can happen on other weekday. This day supposed to feel like well deserved break from housework duties. As a stay at home mum, it always feels like you never leave your job.. But that’s another story.

So the biggest and most exciting thing I like to do on this weekday is baking. A cake, cupcakes or cookies. It could be anything. I do like to improvise while I’m in kitchen. So I will add some random ingredients and hope for the best lol. So far it has worked fine.

What are your Sunday traditions and rituals?

In pictures my girls birthday cake I made in December 2015. I did cheat by using cake mix and ready made icing. But everyone praised the cake so no complaints. Banana frosting was super lovely. And chocolate sponge layered with vanilla sponge made cake look super cool when it was cut.

I nedd a cake now that I’ve written this post full of cakes lol.


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Etsy. Listings, sharing and caring

Etsy. Listings, sharing and caring

Etsy by itself is a hard work.

You try to create and idea, you create it, spend lots of time on taking perfect pictures, then adjusting them to make them look attractive. Also listing can be time consuming. Getting a perfect title is challenging enough. Also need a good description. This helps buyer visualise the finished product. As creative I am myself, I need to describe my item as good as i can, so that even the least imaginative person can understand what I’m actually selling.
And don’t forget tags- 13 of them. Luckily you can use phrases, as long as its under 20 characters.
So once I’ve managed doing this, my brain goes to sleep mode, it’s overtired and not very creative.
Just listing won’t get sales, so beautiful t of sharing helps a lot.
I use Twitter, Pinterest, tumblr, Google + and many more..
This all work has helped me generate 3 sales in a month. Compared to first two years with 7 sales over this period of time.
I think it’s been pretty good month. And hopefully next month is even better (fingers crossed).
Also been using etsyrank. Its a free tool to help with spelling mistakes and analysis your etsy shop. Worth trying.
Good luck folks.
Love #peanutkoekie

Welcome to my blog

My name is Laura, currently 27 years old. Have a wonderful daughter age 2, little Jack Russell puppy called Sumo and much loved significant other Cookie.

I’m currently a stay at home mum. I’m trying to manage an etsy shop called peanut & koekie shop.

I’ve always been creative in many crafts and loved creating something new or joyful fir others. Spent 4 years learning art of pottery and graphics design at school.

Created a poetry club “touch” (“pieskāriens”) back in 2007 or earlier. Each year this club publishes poets from different age range writers. 

Taken part as lightning operative and visual director in small amateur theater by producing play. This play has been shown for a year across small cities of in Latvia with good success. This was in 2009/210.

Art and crafts have been major part of life. Also cooking and baking takes a lot of my soare time. I’m always up to challenge myself with new recipes. 

Hope everyone will enjoy reading my bloog

Love Laura