My name is Laura, currently 27 years old. Have a wonderful daughter age 2, little Jack Russell puppy called Sumo and much loved significant other Cookie.

I’m currently a stay at home mum. I’m trying to manage an etsy shop called peanut & koekie shop.

I’ve always been creative in many crafts and loved creating something new or joyful fir others. Spent 4 years learning art of pottery and graphics design at school.

Created a poetry club “touch” (“pieskāriens”) back in 2007 or earlier. Each year this club publishes poets from different age range writers. 

Taken part as lightning operative and visual director in small amateur theater by producing play. This play has been shown for a year across small cities of in Latvia with good success. This was in 2009/210.

Art and crafts have been major part of life. Also cooking and baking takes a lot of my soare time. I’m always up to challenge myself with new recipes. 

Hope everyone will enjoy reading my bloog

Love Laura 

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