Etsy by itself is a hard work.

You try to create and idea, you create it, spend lots of time on taking perfect pictures, then adjusting them to make them look attractive. Also listing can be time consuming. Getting a perfect title is challenging enough. Also need a good description. This helps buyer visualise the finished product. As creative I am myself, I need to describe my item as good as i can, so that even the least imaginative person can understand what I’m actually selling.
And don’t forget tags- 13 of them. Luckily you can use phrases, as long as its under 20 characters.
So once I’ve managed doing this, my brain goes to sleep mode, it’s overtired and not very creative.
Just listing won’t get sales, so beautiful t of sharing helps a lot.
I use Twitter, Pinterest, tumblr, Google + and many more..
This all work has helped me generate 3 sales in a month. Compared to first two years with 7 sales over this period of time.
I think it’s been pretty good month. And hopefully next month is even better (fingers crossed).
Also been using etsyrank. Its a free tool to help with spelling mistakes and analysis your etsy shop. Worth trying.
Good luck folks.
Love #peanutkoekie


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